Creating A Silent Space
Learning deep meditation in small intimate groups. Being joyful. Finding beauty in simplicity,
delight in nature, fulfilment in each moment, satisfaction in every action and inner peace in your heart.
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Creating A Silent Space
Sharing experiences with new friends. Preparing food together round the country kitchen table. Warm cosy fires in the evening,
wandering through the gardens in the day. Finding your own secluded spot to meditate. Staying in a rustic 16th Century manor
house with your own bedroom. Integrating meditation and life; the secret art of living".
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Welcome to Guanock House

Welcome to Guanock Retreat Centre

Guanock Retreat Centre is a sanctuary for people to come and reconnect with a deeper, more integrated, more beautiful side of life. Our aim is that people live their lives of total fulfilment. So the experience of a retreat at Guanock is luxurious and pleasurable, not austere. As well as in depth spiritual experience in the workshops it is the enjoyment of good food and good company that makes it unforgettable. Part of the experience we offer is a reconnection with nature. So for example, meal-times involve being part of the food preparation. Digging the potatoes and carrots, chopping and slicing ready for the pot in our large country kitchen. We do not believe the spiritual life involves austerity.

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Our meditation workshops show you step by step how to integrate a deep awareness of pure being with the joy of living fully in the world, fully expressing your uniqueness with others. Pleasure and desire are to be celebrated not avoided.

At the centre of all things there is universal energy and intelligence. The entire universe is made up of layers beginning in the unmanifest oneness of absolute pure being, pure consciousness. Through the mystery of creation, layer upon layer of substance from the most subtle layers of energy and intelligence to the full appearance of matter; air and water, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, and human beings come into being, are maintained, and dissolve in an eternal cycle: the manifest universe of infinite diversity.

For many of us today, the integrated wholeness of life has been greatly diminished. We get by from week to week in busy and stressful jobs, we raise our families and manage our affairs and often it seems like a struggle with brief interludes of respite when we get away for a brief vacation. Then it’s back to work – back to the daily slog!

Guanock Retreat Centre is a place where people can come to gain that much needed respite. To reconnect with and reintegrate the wholeness of ourselves. As we reconnect with nature and beauty we reconnect with life itself. Through meditation practice we can begin to recognise the truth of our existence; the truth of all existence. We begin the process of living from that place of oneness within. We rebalance our minds and our emotions. We find inner peace and our hearts begin to open. We rediscover simple joy and the happiness to be found in everyday things. Gradually, we rediscover our unique purpose. We find the courage to speak our truth. In truth, we have always known our own unique contribution to life. It just got forgotten for a while.

Our programs are equally applicable for those just embarking on the discovery of meditation as it is for those advanced practitioners seeking to go to the deepest depths of spiritual awakening.

For centuries the secrets of spiritual awakening and the deepest spiritual truths were for only the privileged few, spending their lives in the seclusion of ashrams, monasteries and high mountain caves. But in this age that is no longer the case. Now the deepest spiritual practice is to be engaged with in the midst of a fully lived life. Our belief and our vision is that a fully fulfilled life has two aspects: an inner life where we dive to the depths of the transcendental field, to the route of all existence; and an outer life, in the world, in action, living joyfully and fully expressing our uniqueness. By the coming together of these two worlds we reach the ultimate goal of unity.

Our Workshops & Retreats

Living in Delight

Living in Delight

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Total Fulfilment

Total Fulfilment

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One to One

One To One

Available Dates: from Jan 11th- BY ZOOM
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Available Dates: from Jan 11th- BY ZOOM
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Meditation Practice

The principal meditation practice that we teach at Guanock Retreat Centre is an age old method of yoga mantra meditation. This technique is simple and natural and can be mastered by anyone. It forms the basis for all the yoga techniques and practices that we offer from the most basic to the most advanced. The purpose of meditation, as we see it, is to merge our individual minds with universal mind or cosmic mind. We think of our minds as – “my mind” – something very personal and individual, a separate object that belongs to us inside our body and is not part of a bigger whole but in reality our minds are an integral part of the universal mind or cosmic mind. There is no separation.

The Gardens

The gardens at Guanock House cover five acres of spectacular garden spaces or garden-rooms, each with its own character. Designed by the world renowned garden designer, Arne Maynard.
For our clients the gardens provide tranquility and beauty and a place where they can reconnect with nature and her restorative power. Our workshops are very much nature based. We work with the natural elements to deepen meditation practice and to enhance the healing process. All of our workshops involve being in the garden for at least part of the time. Teaching sessions are interspersed with time where you can take yourself away and discover a power spot – a place in the garden where you experience power – the power of nature and your own personal power, where you feel especially good. In your power spot you can meditate or contemplate and experience deep peace and a new, restored, connection with nature.

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Michael Coleman

Director of Guanock House

Michael comes from a background of deep immersion in the material modern world. Originally trained as a civil engineer, ....

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Michelle Arnold


Has been working with women’s spiritual Circles for over twenty years. In that time she has gained deep insight into the power of ritual and.....

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