The universe is consciousness. All life, all matter, everything is consciousness in its basis. Out of pure consciousness, the field of unmanifest, transcendental consciousness, all creation emerges through an act of cosmic will. From the very finest vibrations of subtle energy into more and more tangible form of manifest creation, the universe as we know it emerges into finite existence.
Through deep meditation practice it becomes more and more apparent how this process of emergence happens. Through intuition, which is a deep knowing, much deeper than knowledge gained through the thinking process, we come to understand the process of manifestation. We become aware of the flow of cosmic energy that is life and that sustains life. Our human bodies, at the level of pure consciousness are perfect in form but disturbances in the flow of energy can occur and this manifests as illness in the body. By directing focused attention a healing practitioner can bring a flow of cosmic energy to areas of the body in need of healing.
At Guanock Retreat Centre we offer two types of healing – Reiki and Shamanic Healing. The underlying flow of cosmic energy is the same and ultimately it is this which brings about healing.
Each healing session is for one hour.

Reiki Healing

We offer one-to-one healing sessions using cosmic energy in the form of Reiki. Cosmic energy is channeled through the practitioner to areas of the body that require healing at the deepest level. Our reiki practitioners are qualified to Reiki II practitioner level or beyond.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing uses cosmic energy in the same way as other healing systems such as Reiki. The technique is different and can often combine healing energy with specific information such as changes in lifestyle that would help a client in recovering from illness. It is an ancient practice that has been with human kind for thousands of years.