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Living in Delight


One Day WorkShop On-line £50.00 

Practical Information

This on-line workshop consists of two sessions. A morning session for two and a half hours followed by a break for one hour. The afternoon session is for a further two and a half hours.

Start and end times are as follows:

Morning session start time 10.30am –  end time 12.30am

Afternoon session start time 13.30  – end time 4pm

On registration you will be sent an email with a  Zoom link which will contain further instructions along with your receipt.

Regrettably, we are not offering this workshop on location at this time but we hope to resume soon.


Delight is an old fashioned word. “I am delighted to meet you” we say as a formal greeting. Or it is a word associated with children – “delighted in their world of make-believe”. But suppose that delight is really meant to be our moment by moment experience of living. This one day workshop takes you into the experience which is at the core of being alive. When we make contact with it we discover our true nature. We discover that our true nature is made up of the very substance of delight. By the end of the workshop, you will have glimpsed the possibility of living in continuous delight. Living in delight permanently is just a matter of practice in the yoga techniques we will teach you. Circumstances in your life will, no doubt, still present you with challenges – that is for certain but your response to the challenge will be centred and grounded in the experience of delight.


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