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No Idea


One Day Workshop On-line 50.00

Practical Information

This on-line workshop consists of two sessions. A morning session for two and a half hours followed by a break for one hour. The afternoon session is for a further two and a half hours.

Start and end times are as follows:

Morning session start time 10.30am –  end time 12.30am

Afternoon session start time 13.30  – end time 4pm

On registration you will be sent an email with a  Zoom link which will contain further instructions along with your receipt.

Regrettably, we are not offering this workshop on location at this time but we hope to resume soon.


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We will explore the grounding techniques and practices of the No Idea Way, which is a theme running throughout all our programs. This workshop is a good entry point for those who have not experienced meditation before. For experienced meditators this workshop will shift your practice into a new paradigm. Not only will you learn the powerful yet simple meditation technique, which we follow at the Guanock retreat Centre but you will begin to understand how meditation changes your view of life and the world in which you live. You will begin to realise that worry, stress and anxiety are built upon an illusion of ideas that seem solid and real but which are in fact completely unreal and that realisation leads to freedom. What each of us calls “my life” is a set of memories, beliefs and attitudes. We have a view of our world that is mostly fiction. We learned it from others or we made it up. A world view that is very greatly condensed and simplified from what is in fact a swirl of energy constellated into localised forms that we interpret as objects and space. Time itself only exists for us because some of those changing energy flows are perceived by us to be regular and cyclical. The starting point for this workshop is – what if I have no idea what the world is really like? What if I give up the very notion of ideas and beliefs – what would remain? The workshop will introduce you to simple meditation exercises designed to quickly and effectively bring you to a place of pure presence – a place where thinking itself stops. There will be the opportunity to discuss specific life-situations identifying where space for a greater sense of stillness and presence can be accessed in your own life.


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