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Living in Delight

One Day WorkShop £50.00 On-line or £85.00 On-location

Delight is an old fashioned word. “I am delighted to meet you” we say as a formal greeting. Or it is a word associated with children – “delighted in their world of make-believe”. But suppose that delight is really meant to be our moment by moment experience of living. This one day workshop takes you into the experience which is at the core of being alive. When we make contact with it, we discover our true nature. We discover that our true nature is made up of the very substance of delight. By the end of the workshop, you will have glimpsed the possibility of living in continuous delight. Living in delight permanently is just a matter of practice in the yoga techniques we will teach you. Circumstances in your life will, no doubt, still present you with challenges – that is for certain, but your response to the challenge will be centred and grounded in the experience of delight.

Online courses available but no residential availability due to pandemic

No Idea

One Day Workshop £50.00 On-Line or £85.00 On-Location.

We will explore the grounding techniques and practices of the No Idea Way, which is a theme running throughout all our programs. This workshop is a good entry point for those who have not experienced meditation before. For experienced meditators this workshop will shift your practice into a new paradigm. Not only will you learn the powerful yet simple meditation technique, which we follow at the Guanock retreat Centre but you will begin to understand how meditation changes your view of life and the world in which you live. You will begin to realise that worry, stress and anxiety are built upon an illusion of ideas that seem solid and real but which are in fact completely unreal and that realisation leads to freedom.

What each of us calls “my life” is a set of memories, beliefs and attitudes. We have a view of our world that is mostly fiction. We learned it from others or we made it up. A world view that is very greatly condensed and simplified from what is in fact a swirl of energy constellated into localised forms that we interpret as objects and space. Time itself only exists for us because some of those changing energy flows are perceived by us to be regular and cyclical.

The starting point for this workshop is – what if I have no idea what the world is really like? What if I give up the very notion of ideas and beliefs – what would remain? The workshop will introduce you to simple meditation exercises designed to quickly and effectively bring you to a place of pure presence – a place where thinking itself stops. There will be the opportunity to discuss specific life-situations identifying where space for a greater sense of stillness and presence can be accessed in your own life.

Online courses available but no residential availability due to pandemic

Introduction to Total Fulfilment

Two Day Workshop £100 On-Line or £240 On-Location includes one night stay (two people sharing a double room ) and full board (breakfast, Lunch and dinner)

In this workshop we introducing the seven steps to living in total fulfilment. By the end of the workshop you will have understood and experienced a glimpse of each of the seven steps to living in total fulfilment. These seven steps are described in the ancient wisdom of India in The Vedanta, which is the culmination of six schools of Indian Philosophy and describes the process of discovering the true self and ultimately living fully from who you truly are in the realisation that all is one.

Online courses available but no residential availability due to pandemic

Total Fulfilment Series

Each Workshop in the series is a two Day Workshop: price per workshop £160 On-Line or £255 On-Location includes one night stay (two people sharing a double room ) and full board (breakfast, Lunch and dinner)

Following on from the Introduction program, this in-depth series of seven two-day workshops is over the period of seven months with one workshop per month going deeply into the seven steps of living in total fulfilment. Each month focuses on one of the seven steps beginning with step one – “you are not the author of your life, nature is” to the seventh step – “Unity Consciousness”.

There are seven steps to reach a total and permanent state of fulfilment in life. In this end-state of unity consciousness you are in tune with the cosmos. You are in tune with nature. Life bows down at your feet. You are super-human – gone beyond homo-sapiens.
It is the vision of Guanock Retreat Centre to facilitate reaching the final goal of total fulfilment. We hold it to be true that this is, for all of us, our birth right.

Online courses available but no residential availability due to pandemic

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

You are not the author of your life – Nature is. Although it appears to us that we are calling the shots, we are doing so from inside an illusion and therefore everything we do is a part of that illusion. Before you can begin this journey you must realise fully, not as an idea but as an actual living reality that you (and everyone else) lives in an illusion.
Since well before the age of two years you were inducted into the great human delusion – that we, as humans, are separate people -with a name and a life history, and hopes and dreams and worries etc.. We develop the idea of “me” from an early age and we fill “my life”with “my things” including “my past”, “my present circumstances” and “my future”.
Even if you have heard this before you probably don’t live like it’s true but it really, really is. So it is an act of faith at Step One to trust that if it does not seem really, really true right now that at some point soon in (Step Two) this fact will become your living reality. That is when everything begins to change – you begin the process of becoming super human.

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
We will be using a mantra technique of meditation as a means to access transcendental reality. We are going to meditate to merge your mind with the Cosmic Mind. Instead of Cosmic Mind you can use other terms like Transcendental Reality, Pure Existence, Pure Being, The Absolute. These are really just different ways to describe the same thing. The important thing is the merging of our own individual mind with It – whatever you want to call It. This is the meaning of the word Yoga, which means union. In this case the union of the individual mind with Cosmic Mind and discovering that Cosmic Mind is the nature of our own individual mind. They are in fact not different from each other.
The key to the technique is to not-try but in simplicity allow an automatic process to take place. Falling off a log is a simple and natural thing. Stop holding on, stop trying, just let go and you will naturally fall off. It is the same with this technique of meditation.
There are three stages to it – firstly stillness – the mind becomes still. Secondly, the mind recognises that this experience is its true nature. Thirdly, the mind dissolves into itself and experiences joy (bliss).
I will guide you through each stage and we will have plenty of time to practice and talk about your experience.


Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people        sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) This step takes time. Exactly how much time depends on you. It depends on daily practice and it depends on your intention – your will. The more you practice with a strong intention the faster you will progress. Ideally you would need to practice morning and evening for 30 mins. Each time you practice you should bring a strong intent. Just as you would when developing any new skill. Each day as you practice, your mind becomes more accustomed to its true nature. As it merges into the ocean of pure consciousness it realises a little more each time that it is a part of that ocean. This is the means by which the individual mind stops believing in the illusion of the ‘little me. Gradually, day-by-day, the mind rebalances itself. It becomes present in “The Now”. It realises more and more each day that the past is over and the future is a day-dream. The mind becomes clear, focused, discerning and balanced. It recognises emotion as the past – as body memory of past feelings. It recognises reactive behaviour as unconscious re-living of the past. Emotions cease to seem like reality. Transcendental reality becomes increasingly present and we experience a ”Silent Witness” observing life moment by moment. As the mind and feelings become balanced reactive patterns of behaviour diminish. Balance, harmony and equanimity become the norm. Emotional imbalance becomes a thing of the past.

This exercise demonstrates how the mind, in meditation, balances the emotions. We are going to work on the chakras. The chakras are energy points in the body. Emotional trauma gets trapped in these energy points and we relive emotional experiences on a daily basis not realising that we are re-living the past. The mechanism is that a situation unconsciously reminds us of the past and the body provides us with a body-memory of the past felt-emotion. We feel it now and we react to it now. So we think it is happening now when in fact is a reliving of the past feeling trapped in the body. It means we have very restricted access to reacting differently. We play out the same old responses to situations over and over again. Humans spend a great deal of their lives re-living the past in this way. It often seems like we are living “the Now” when we are not.
Think of a recent time when you felt angry or afraid or disappointed.
I will guide you through a chakra meditation. We will begin with the meditation to take us into merging with Transcendental Reality (Step Two). Then we will begin the chakra meditation. This means that your awareness will be somewhere between the deep meditation state of being merged with Transcendental Reality and normal reality. In the exercise we will move back and forth between a pure awareness of each chakra and an awareness of the chakra when we remember the difficult situation that made us angry, fearful or disappointed. By noticing the contrast between being balanced and out of balance the chakras quite naturally rebalance themselves. Our mind which is partly still merged with the cosmic mind notices the imbalance, realises the illusory nature of it and naturally restores balanced reality. This is the same mechanism that happens in day-to-day life on the road to cosmic consciousness. In yoga philosophy it is called Karma-Yoga, the cleaning out and rebalancing of old patterns of thinking/emotion and behaviour that keeps us trapped in a false reality.

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
In the previous step we saw that as the mind becomes conditioned to its true nature in the Cosmic Mind, the emotions also become balanced. The act of living your life in the world, facing your difficulties with a developing cosmic awareness, washes out the stains of past Karma – simply by waking up to the past running your life your body/mind becomes rebalanced. This is Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga has been greatly misrepresented to mean being in service to others and performing loving deeds but such behaviour, although worthy, does not lead to enlightenment. Gradually by living and experiencing when our emotions are out of balance, caused by situations in the present that make us fearful or angry or we feel some other so-called negative emotions, the awareness of the cosmic mind rebalances us. We realise that these past emotions are controlling our behaviour in the present. We realise they are controlling our choices now, which will in turn affect our future circumstances. The seeds of past emotions get burned in the fire of pure consciousness so that they do not continue to sprout new plants in the future.
Eventually, given some time (but definitely in this life-time), cosmic consciousness becomes fully and irrevocably established. That means we are living in continuous awareness of transcendental reality. We are continuously living in the present moment.
After some time on the journey towards full and permanent cosmic consciousness but before reaching that goal we start to notice a transformation of the heart. Naturally and spontaneously we begin to experience deep joy or bliss in the background of daily life. That is to say in normal living conditions and without any special reason or circumstance provoking it there is an arising of deep joy for no reason. As this experience becomes more frequent and more extensive day by day we find that our senses become imbued with bliss. We start to sense a golden lustre shining through everything and everyone even in the most mundane of situations.

Mostly we need a reason to feel joyful. Something happens in external reality and it makes us feel joyful for a time but it usually fades quickly. But in the state of cosmic consciousness we feel joy all the time. Even in circumstances that present difficulty and challenge the underlying quality of goodness that evokes joy in us is still there. Compassion begins to arise naturally in this state. There is no need to work on developing a feeling of compassion or of loving kindness. It arises naturally.
In this exercise we will begin with the meditation to access transcendental reality then we will do a walking meditation in the garden. This is a practice in maintaining part of our awareness in the transcendental field whilst also being in normal life. This happens naturally if we practice meditation daily – we can leave our meditation and forget about it and just go on with normal life. Without any effort an ever increasing proportion of our mind will be infused with pure being and our hearts will naturally and spontaneously open. So this exercise is just an exercise not something we would include in our daily practice. I will guide you in how to allow your heart chakra to expand so that as you walk around the garden with eyes open you will experience nature differently. There will be a new sense of joy. You may even feel a deeper ecstasy arise. This is the new normal state of the super-human being.

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
As we progress along the road to permanent Cosmic Consciousness the mind and emotions become balanced. Negative emotions and reactive, subconscious behaviours become rare. In this state of equanimity the heart responds and begins to expand so that we experience states of appreciation and joy more and more. We perceive beauty in the world. The natural world especially becomes radiant with a golden aura. Human beings that we see, even strangers appear to us as gods exquisite in their complexity and beauty.
Quite naturally and spontaneously at this time the throat chakra expands. We naturally begin to express our unique gifts, our unique offerings to life. We no longer need to search for “what it is I should be doing with my life”. We realise that question is no longer relevant. It was a question arising from ego that is fast diminishing. Our natural and unique expression now pours out of us like the scent from a rose. In this state we naturally attract to us the resources we need and life flows abundantly. We are now aligned with life’s purpose expressed through us in our individual uniqueness.

Our true self expression is not a job title or a thing to do. It is an aspect of pure being expressed through the vehicle of a human body equipped with individual will. An individual will that is now aligned with forwarding life. This is the purpose of life. In Indian philosophy it is called Dharma, which can be translated as forward movement of life or positive evolution. First we will enter and merge with transcendental reality – pure being. And then we will explore aspects of being or expressions of being such as love, courage and passion and see how we resonate personally with those fields. Our personal unique expression is like a complex mandala or mosaic made up of high frequency expressions of pure being. Just as pure white light is a blending of all the colours. Then we will do a solo walking meditation to be led by our own intuition to find an object from nature in the garden that is a symbol of our unique self expression.

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Over time as we continue with daily meditation practice we naturally approach the time when an awareness of transcendental reality – cosmic consciousness becomes permanently fixed in our awareness. Once permanently fixed it becomes irreversible. It never leaves. As we approach that state of being we can truly say we are superhuman. Our day to day living experience is such that we feel fully alive. Our minds are calm and clear, focused and discerning. Our emotions are balanced and steady. We experience joy and beauty both internally and externally. An underlying experience of goodness and love pervades our being. When we witness others struggling with fear, doubt, anger and stress we naturally feel compassion and the desire to help others including the animal and plant kingdoms and the environment.
We realise that our life is a gift moment by moment. We realise that in each moment our actions are like an offering, like a gift to the almighty or to life itself. Every moment becomes a sacred gift. Each action we take is performed in gratitude and appreciation like a sacred rite. This state of being in the Indian philosophy is called God Realisation or God Consciousness. The use of the word god is not necessary if, like many, you have negative ideas and connotations of god from your past conditioning. You can call it – the ultimate state of refined perception of reality or whatever name you choose. The experience of this state of being does not depend on any set of beliefs, religious or otherwise. It is purely a state of being, a state of awareness.

We will begin this exercise, as with the others by first meditating and entering union with transcendental reality. Then we will perform a ritual action to create a shrine to the divine. Each person will walk in silence in the garden and find some small item in nature that holds the essence of divine beauty. Then we will each return to place the object on a shrine which we will dedicate to the great divinity. The whole action is performed in gratitude and reverence. In the state of god consciousness every action from waking in the morning to the last thing at night each day is performed as such a ritual of gratitude and reverence. Life becomes a sacred ritual.

Two Day Workshop on-location £410 includes one night stay (two people sharing) and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
God Consciousness is not the final step! There is one more before a human being can say that they are living in total fulfilment of life. Even though we are living in full alignment with cosmic purpose. Even though we are living in an inner state of bliss-consciousness. Even though our experience of ego is now only witnessed by observing other humans in a state of suffering, our own ego having long since departed.
There is one final step. It is a step that occurs effortlessly. There is no process to be undergone in order to reach this state. It is just a matter of time. As the experience of living God Consciousness deepens, we live in deeper and deeper states of awareness. Our awareness and experience of the transcendental field gets deeper and deeper. Our perception of life in normal day-to-day living becomes more and more subtle. We perceive deeper and deeper into the subtle layers of existence until we perceive the hand of the goddess at work in nature. We experience bliss consciousness as our inner experience and we perceive more and more clearly that our outer experience of the world is also the same bliss-consciousness. Our inner consciousness and outer consciousness merge into one unity. This is the final stage of yoga. The realisation becomes a living reality that the almighty is looking out through your eyes and that He/She is also looking back at you everywhere and in everything and smiling. The two: you and everything else – has become one.

In this exercise I will guide you in a visualisation that will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live in Unity Consciousness. You will gain a glimpse of this state of existence by letting go and trusting your own experience. You will gain a direct experience that you already have a perfect knowledge of the entire universe. You will experience that in the depth of your being all things are known. You will gain a glimpse of Unity Consciousness as a reality of being; a depth of knowing that is not merely an intellectual understanding, which lives in thought but a knowing of the whole – as the whole.

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